Potsdam Dance Company 

71 Market Street, Potsdam


Owner/Artistic Director:Kristen Schmid


**Classes begin…Monday September 11th**

There is a non-refundable $25 registration fee per student (additional $5 per family member) due at the time of registration.

Tuition (price per month) is as follows:

● Any 30 minute class for (age groups Starlet, Petite & Junior/Senior) in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Musical Theater: $48.00

● 2nd class: $40.00

● Combination Class(4&5 year olds, Beginner Ballet AND Beginner Hip Hop, Tap OR Jazz):$52.00/month

● Creative Movement for Kinder-Dance(3 year olds, 30 minutes): $145/10 week session

● Pre-Kinderdance (2 year olds, 30 minutes) $70/6 week session

 ● 20 minute Solo Class: $20.00/class

● 20 minute Duet/Trio Class: $15.00/class

*Tuition is calculated and will remain the same for the ten month period of September-June, regardless of the number of classes per month. Tuition is due at the first of each month. A $5.00 late fee will be added to accounts 30 days past due. **Class availability and scheduling are subject for change**

**There will be a 10% discount per month on a second child, third child etc. tuition from a family with multiple students participating in classes. For example, if a family has 3 students in classes, the 2nd and 3rd child’s tuition will be deducted 10% each per month.

 ● Deductions are NOT applicable on any solo, duet or trio payments

Divisional Breakdown of Classes:

Pre-Kinderdance: 2 Year Olds

Kinderdance: 3 year olds

Combo: 4 & 5 years old

Starlet: Grades 1-3

Junior: Grades 4-6

Senior: Grades 7-12


The studio will be CLOSED on the following dates:

  • Halloween: Tuesday October 31st

● Thanksgiving: Wednesday November 22nd- Saturday November 25th

● Christmas: Friday December 22nd-Saturday January 6th

● Mid-Winter Break: Follow Potsdam Central School District calendar break

● Spring Break: Follow Potsdam Central School District calendar break

● Memorial Day: Friday May 24th- Monday May 27th

The studio will be OPEN and classes will be held on the following dates:

  • Columbus Day

● Veterans Day

● Martin Luther King Day

● Superintendent’s Day


If the studio needs to close due to inclement weather, or any other emergency, you will be notified of the closing via email. Just because school is canceled DOES NOT necessarily mean the studio will be closed.



● Christmas Demonstration: Saturday December 9th or 16th

● Year-End Recital: Saturday June 15th

● Visitors Day One: Monday November 27th-Saturday December 2nd

● Visitors Day Two: Monday May 13th-Saturday May 18th

*Students will perform at the instructor and director’s discretion.

Potsdam Dance Company Code of Conduct

-Students are asked to arrive at class on time and prepared to dance in appropriate attire and shoes, as not to detract from the students or instructors time.

Kinderdance and Combo Dress Code:

Any Color Leotard

Any Color Tights

Pink Ballet Shoes

Skirt or Shorts optional

Hair Pulled Back Off Face

-Combo Tap: Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoes

-Combo Hip Hop: Black Hip Hop Sneakers

-Combo Jazz: Caramel Gore Boots

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Musical Theater Dress Code:

Leotard or Fitted Shirt


Shorts/Capris/Jazz Pants

Hair Pulled Back Off Face

-Jazz and Lyrical: Caramel Gore Boots

-Tap (Starlets, Petites): Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoes

-Tap (Juniors and Seniors): Black Lace Up Tap Shoes

-Musical Theater: Caramel Gore Boots

Hip Hop Dress Code:

Street wear (NO JEANS!)

Black Hip Hop Sneakers

-Students are expected to follow the instruction of the office manager, director, teacher or assistant, behave appropriately in class, and treat the teachers, assistants and other students with respect at all times. Any student who disrupts class or is disrespectful may be asked to leave the classroom.

-Teachers/choreographers/office staff will NOT engage with any student or parent who is acting in a disrespectful, aggressive, or derogatory manner. Please know that any one who approaches our teachers, staff, or director in a threatening, degrading,

confrontational manner will be asked to leave and/or will not receive a response.

-Students who are present at the studio at times other than during their scheduled class times are also expected to behave in an appropriate, considerate manner.

-Horseplay, or any other behavior that disrupts classes in session, places others in danger, or does damage to the building or property will not be tolerated.

 -Parents are responsible for the behavior and actions of their children at all times, and liable for any damages done to the building or property by their child.

 -Please respect our dance floor, no street shoes are allowed on the dance floor at any time.

-STUDENTS MUST WEAR A COVERUP TO AND FROM CLASS. This means that students may not leave the building in their dancewear or shoes; they wear some sort of street clothes over their dance clothes to and from class.



NAME:___________________________________________________ EMAIL:___________________________________________________



STUDENTS SHIRT AND PANT SIZE (please indicate Child or


• I hereby agree not to hold Potsdam Dance Company LLC, its directors or instructors responsible for any damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, illness or injury, during or resulting from my child’s participation in any capacity of or relating to any function or activity of the said Potsdam Dance Company.

• I agree to accompany my child to and from dance class safely.

• I understand that class availability and scheduling are subject to change. Classes are subject to cancellation or rescheduling at the studio’s discretion.

• I understand and agree to abide by the Potsdam Dance Company Code of Conduct.

 • Potsdam Dance Company is not responsible for student property.

• Any student/parent destroying or damaging studio property will be promptly dismissed.

• A student may be expelled on the basis of their behavior and/or the actions of their parents at the studio’s discretion.

• Non-compliance with the policies of the studio may result in the dismissal of a student and/or family.

• Monthly tuition is due by the first of the month. Bills will NOT be mailed or invoiced..

 • There will be a thirty day grace period, thereafter a $5.00 late fee will be applied to all outstanding accounts, including but not limited to, monthly tuition, costume installments, costume balances, solo statements, duet/trio statements.

• If an account is more than 60 days overdue the student will no longer be able to participate in class. Overdue tuition, costume installments, costumes balances, solo statements, duet/trio statements plus all accrued late fees still must be paid to the studio.

 • Account balances must be paid in full before any student is permitted to participate in the Christmas Demonstration and/or Year-End Recital. Accounts balances include, but are not limited to, monthly tuition, registration fees, solo/duet/trio statements, costume payments, etc.

• Tuition payments and registration fees are non-refundable.

• All costume balances must be paid in full before they can be ordered.

• When requesting a refund on costume deposits there will be a 25% convenience fee deducted from the total amount. You may only request a refund if the costume(s) has not been ordered.

• The last day to drop a class will be April 28th

• Any student with 4 or more concurrent absences will be removed from choreography until their absences have been adequately made up at the choreographer’s discretion. Students will be required to take private (solo) lessons to bring them up-to-date on the choreography missed during their absences. These private (solo) lessons will be charged at the solo lesson rate of $20.00/class for a 20-minute lesson. Once the absences have been made up and the tuition, as well as the solo lessons have been paid in full, the student will be allowed to rejoin the class as regularly scheduled.

• Tuition is calculated and remains the same for a ten month period, September thru June, regardless of the number of classes a student receives per month. There is a commitment to our teachers based on enrollment. Your commitment of enrollment at the time of registration is for this ten month period from September thru June.

• There will be a $30.00 fee on all checks returned to the studio.

• If any money is paid by cash, be sure to receive a signed receipt from the studio as a proof of payment.

• I hereby assume all financial responsibility for the above student(s) enrolled at Potsdam Dance Company.

• I agree to allow Potsdam Dance Company, LLC use any photographs taken at but not limited events, dance classes, Recitals, be used on PDC's social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat

Total Monthly Tuition:_________________

Amount Paid at Registration:___________

I have read all the pages of the registration form and I understand Potsdam Dance Company’s rules and regulations for enrollment in dance classes.

Guardian Signature:___________________________________________


Classes Registered For (including age level and genre):